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Camp Creative


This was born out of a need…

For a dedicated time to create.

For a reunion of friends.

Calling all of you jugglers, sketchers, photographers, dancers, musicians, actors, writers, whomever you are or however you express yourself. Will you come and spend four days in Bali, Indonesia to make something with a group of strangers? Will you show us what you made in those four days, and let an audience cheer for you?

You can come and make a film. Choreograph a dance performance. Put on a play. Whatever it is, the only stipulation is for you to come and create.

“So long as you live, be radiant…”

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

It is a reunion of creative friends and friends-to-be from all over the world, a retreat and an artist residency.

This was born out of a need for myself. To allow myself the luxury of time to create, and to do so around a group of nurturing people. If you find that need speaks to you, then you’re invited.

This has been an ongoing journey for the last year, with those of you who’ve voted on the date, location, and venue. Now it’s almost here…Are you coming?

In hugs and hilarity,




What do I need to know?

What: Four days of creative immersion. Gather with strangers and move through the creative process together from conception to execution. Come, meet, make, and leave with what you made.

Who: For you who want to make time for your own creativity. For friends who want to make something together.

Why: Because there’s a yearning to create. Because you want to make something. Because you want a ‘return to’ something in yourself.

When: June 22 - 25, 2019

Where: Baliwoso Camp, BALI, INDONESIA

Budget: TBD - But I’m trying to keep the costs as minimal as possible ($200 USD or less per person). It would just be accommodation, food, and materials. The venue provides local transportation from the airport to the camp, and your airfare is up to you. If you need help or want to have a conversation about finances, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

For those of you who are coming from far away and you need more tips on activities before or after the camp, I will also happily help plan your trip. Just let me know :)

Images of Deluxe Tents at Baliwoso Camp.


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